4 Magnet Wispies

  • Versatile lash for narrow 3/4 inch to 1 1/8 inches wide eyes

  • 4 magnets

  • 2 inside vertical magnets, 1 tiny magnet in the middle, longer magnet on the outer edge

  • Magnet Polarity alternates to make the lashes easier to apply

  • Handmade in the USA

Watch the Application Tutorial: How to put on and take off Magnetic Lashes.

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This is the best magnetic lash I have made yet!

This style looks like you paid the big bucks for extensions, but have the luxury of taking them off for showering and sleeping. The support lashes are sparse so as not to distract from the top lash or add too much fullness. 

It has 2 magnets placed vertically on the inner eye that are completely hidden under the inner hair tufts. The middle magnet is about 2 mm wide. The end magnet is 3.5 mm wide to give more grip on the outer edges.

This particular design is great for those who want a magnetic lash going across the entire eye. There is extra hair length on the ends that can cover wider eyes, or be easily trimmed off for more narrow eyes. These lashes have room to trim so they fit most eye widths from 1 1/8 to 7/8 of an inch. 

My lash style is the only one I have seen on the market that curves when the lashes are magnetized together. The other brands lay flat. I space the magnets further apart on the top lashes so that they will have a nice curve when attached to the support lashes. Having the curve will allow the lashes to fit comfortably on various eye shapes.

I also make the only lash that alternates polarity between magnets so the middle magnet won't be attracted to the outer magnets.This is a little trick that makes learning to wear the full strip magnetic lashes a bit easier. 

These lashes are handmade in the USA. 

These lashes will comfortably stay on all day without any fuss. The magnets are ever so slightly placed just below the lash line so they do not rub on your skin while you wear them, making them much more comfortable than other magnetic lashes. 

If you have never worn magnetic lashes before, give yourself some time to practice the application so the lashes fit comfortably and lay tightly along your lash line. 

Directions on how to apply them will be included in the package.


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