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  • Amazing Magnetic Lashes with Round Magnets

    'Click and Go' with these easy to use, no hassle, no glue, false lashes. These original, handmade magnetic lashes are re-usable. The magnets are small and round. Great for everyday wear, or a night out. Simply apply a little mascara to the base of your lashes for extra grip and click the two pieces together (one false lash on top and one false lash on bottom) over your natural lash, and off you go!

    Extra Short   10mm length

    Short   13mm length

    Medium  16mm length

    Long  19mm length

    Width works for 7/8 to 1 inch wide eyes. Trim lash edges to fit perfectly.  If you have much more narrow eyes, you can trim off 1 magnet. 

    These lashes are made to curve unlike other brands on the market so you won't need to cut the lower lash into sections (unless you like that method of application better than leaving the full lash). 

    Directions will be included with your order. 

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  • Magnetic Lashes with Three Magnets

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    • 3 Magnet Lash Design
    • Thin Magnets
    • Longer Magnets help grab more of the natural lash, helping the lash stay in place all day
    • Our lashes are different than other magnetic lashes on the market because they are a full lash strip with 3 magnets placed so the lash curves with the eye
    • Choose width to fit your eye shape

    Watch the Application Tutorial: How to put on and take off Magnetic Lashes.

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