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Vadazzle encompasses Grace J. Power's career long pursuits to offer the best products & services to clients. Her efforts resulted in novel techniques & innovative products that have been tested to perfection. Her products are used by consumers and industry professionals alike.

Grace's YouTube Channel features demonstrations of specialized sugaring techniques, including her signature "Flick Method." Her channel has attracted a global following amassing in excess of 389,000 subscribers and well over 136,000,000 views to date. Be sure to Subscribe!

myGoldSugar, our flagship product, is now used extensively in spas and wax studios worldwide, due in part to six variations of the product engineered for various areas on the body. myGoldSugar is considered by many the "Gold Standard" in professional grade sugar.

myPinkWink is widely known as a gentle, yet effective, anal and vaginal bleaching cream. It is among the most trusted brands in the industry for use on your most intimate and sensitive areas. Grace is offering classes for salons to learn her professional bleaching service procedure.

Luxury Magnetic Lashes started in 2017 and was the first full magnetic lash on the market made with 4 magnets. Since that time Grace has invented a variety of different styles in black and brown for different eye widths and shapes. She offers brown and black magnetic eyeliner along with a few different application tools, along with magnetic eyeliner, to aide in wearing magnetic lashes. 

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myGoldSugar is Vadazzle's flagship product line with global sales experiencing exponential growth due to high worldwide demand from consumers and industry professionals alike.

myGoldSugar features five uniquely engineered sugar waxes each designed for optimal application to different hair types and different parts of the body. myGoldSugar maximizes hair removal effectiveness while minimizing discomfort resulting in an unrivaled experience for the customer when administered correctly. Learn more about proper technique...

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myPinkWink Cream

myPinkWink Cream was the first product Grace developed.

Enlisting the expertise of respected chemists in Boulder, Colorado, with proven experience developing beauty and wellness products, Grace worked tirelessly testing and managing the perfection of an effective, yet gentle, bleaching cream for intimate areas of the body.

myPinkWink Cream's use, however, was discovered to be effective for many other parts of the body depending on various factors, including skin type.

buttzit! Cream

buttzit! Cream is the newest offering in the Vadazzel product line. Pimples on the buttocks can be bothersome, embarrassing or even painful. Grace consistently received feedback from clients that they wanted and needed a tailored and effective solution to treat butt zits.

Grace took on the challenge and buttzit! was born. buttzit! Cream is an advanced and powerful formula to zap butt zits in full force.

Hello buttzit! Goodbye pimples.

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