Aequitas Cream

Aequitas Cream is among the beauty industry's most gentle skin lightening creams. Our product offers results without compromise. Many skin lightening creams are more effective for short term results; however, many, if not all, of those products contain chemicals, such as hydroquinone, which can be harmful and have undesirable effects.

Aequitas Cream not only lightens skin, it contains unique peptides that brighten skin, further enhancing your beauty. Aequitas is an effective, yet gentle, skin lightening cream.

Aequitas Cream does in fact work! It contains ingredients that clearly lighten skin, which is backed up by clear scientific evidence supported by doctors and scientists. At the same time, our product works slower than many other skin lightening creams, which means you may need to use the cream over a longer time period to achieve optimal results. This longer application process does increase the cost of the treatment. At the same time, we encourage you not to compromise when it comes to purchasing skin lightening creams that you will be placing on the most important parts of your beautiful body. We encourage you to take the wise and patient path to skin lightening which allows your skin the ability to lighten on a safe, gentle and optimal schedule. The results of Aequitas Cream will vary based on skin type, but they certainly lighten skin and unique peptides in our product will brighten your skin, enhance your beauty and brighten your life.

myPinkWink Cream

myPinkWink Cream was the first product Grace developed.

Enlisting the expertise of respected chemists in Boulder, Colorado, with proven experience developing beauty and wellness products, Grace worked tirelessly testing and managing the perfection of an effective, yet gentle, bleaching cream for intimate areas of the body.

myPinkWink Cream's use, however, was discovered to be effective for many other parts of the body depending on various factors, including skin type.

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