Place and Pinch Magnetic Lash Applicator Tool

Fast and easy method to apply magnetic eyelashes. You won't find another tool like this on the market as we are the only company offering it. It looks like a lash curler but it has been modified so that you can simply place the top magnetic lash along the top bar and the support lash on the magnetic pad. The tool allows you to apply the full lashes right along the lash line with the curvature of your eye.

Youtube video demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdlQ7SthsIw

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Do you want a faster, more accurate method to apply the full strip magnetic lashes? This tool is ingenious! We are the only company that offers it. Our Place and Pinch Magnetic Lash Applicator looks like a lash curler because it was--but I have modified the design so that the pad is magnetic for holding the Under Lash and the top bar is covered with plastic to decrease the magnetic hold on the Top Lash. Once you have the lashes in place on the tool, you simply bring it up to your lash and pinch the tool to apply them onto your natural lashes. 

Watch this video to see it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBHVk0CqU3E

I am getting great feedback from those who bought this and they are loving it for applying their lashes with more accuracy and perfection everytime. Because of the way eyes curve it can be tricky to get the magnetic lashes along the lash line perfectly every time. This tool solves that problem. It takes a few seconds to set the lashes on the applicator and then when you apply them to your eyes, it happens instantly and they are in the perfect curve along your eyeline. I won't be surprised if other companies steal our idea, but right now, we are the only company offering this tool and it will save you a ton of time and frustration applying your lashes by hand.  I continue to make improvements on this product and recently changed the lash curler I was using so it doesn't have a guard, making it easier to get it right along the eyeline.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Returns accepted within 30 days. 


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