Rose Gold Magnetic Lash Applicator Tool

New reversible magnetic support lash applicator tool in Rose Gold

This tool is as simple as 1-2- 3

1. Set the top lash on your eyelid

2. Bring the tool, holding the support lash, up to your lower eyeline.

3. Blink and your magnetic lashes will have connected - llke 1-2-3.

Video is coming soon from Grace J. Power

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This is a new tool designed to make applying magnetic lashes so much easier and faster, especially for first time learners.
Magnetic lashes are a great concept but a lot of people struggle getting them applied.
This tool is great for first time magnetic lash wearers, those with long finger nails, those with shaky hands, those with some disabilities including weak eyesight.
This tool prevents a lot of the fuss and hassle of learning to apply magnetic lashes and get them perfectly aligned along the lash line.
This tool is designed so that when the magnetic lashes come together, they detach easily from the magnetic strip on the tool.
You can give the wider lashes with 3 or 4 magnets the curve they need to apply to your lashes correctly instead of fumbling around trying to do it by hand.
This tool requires no additional parts.
Eyelashes must be purchased separately.
Any brand or style will work with this tool and we suggest using it with lashes that have the longer magnet style for best results.
We designed it with our brand in mind, Luxury Magnetic Lashes which are full lashes made to fit with the natural eye curve.

If you are interested in our lash styles check out our other products on Amazon. 

We do offer custom widths to fit your eye size. Our lashes are made by hand in the USA. 

This tool is assembled in the USA with parts made from around the world.
Our lash applicator invention is a simple idea that makes wearing magnetic lashes more appealing to more people.


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