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  • Anal and Vaginal Bleaching Certification Class

    Classes and Prices featuring myPinkWink Cream

    Anal & Vaginal Bleaching Live VIRTUAL Certification Course: $199  **you will need to purchase a kit

    Students will learn the basic fundamentals of genital bleaching. This class focuses on vaginal, anal and scar bleaching training and techniques.

    In the class, Grace will go through the procedure that she has been offering at My Gold Sugar for the last 4 years. Learn why it is safe and effective for bleaching the anus. Learn how to easily upsell the procedure to your current clientele and attract new customers. Grace will give marketing tips along with pricing suggestions. 

    • Hands on experience* (Bring your own model)
    • Learn step by step procedure for Anal Bleaching Procedure.
    • Discuss client concerns with dark pigmentation and learn how you can get them the fastest and safest results.
    • Learn how to modify the procedure for other darker skinned areas of concern your client might have such as knees, elbows, inner thighs, scars or other parts of their genitals including vaginal lips or circumcision scarring.
    • Learn about each product used in the procedure and discuss alternative products that can be used to maximize your profits for retail. 
    • Signed Certificate of Completion
    • **Class Kit $349 

    Bleaching is by far one of the most profitable menu items in my studio. Client time bookings of 20-30 minutes yield a base price of $250 for session appointments plus gratuity.  Your investment is paid for in less than 3 appointments.  Bleaching sensitive areas requires trust and a professional bedside manner to keep clients coming back for years.

    IN PERSON CLASS Cost: $299.00

    VIRTUAL CLASS Cost: $199.00

    Register at vagaro.com/sugarlashsalon

    If you do not want to do the virtual course and prefer learning in person, we have one on one classes available.

    Location: Sugar Lash Salon, 822 N Miramar Ave, Indialantic, FL 32903

    Instructor: Grace J Power

    please see our sister website : http://www.sugaringtraining.com for more information.

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  • Beginning and Brazilian Sugaring Certification Classes

    Level 1 Beginning Sugaring Certification Course: $499 Learn the paste method, strip method and stick method. Most of the class is hands on. Leave with a certification and sugaring kit. 

    Level 2 Brazilian & Bikini Sugaring: In Person: $375 Virtual: $275

    Level 3: Full Face / Brow Sugaring & Shaping: In Person: $375 Virtual: $275

    **NEW** Intro to Sugaring and Brazilian Class $599. Learn the basics to sugaring along with the art of the female/male brazilian in this new 8 hour course (1 hour break). Great for Salons looking to feature Sugaring as a new service.

    please see our sister website : http://www.sugaringtraining.com for more information.

    Learn how to sugar in a live VIRTUAL class with Grace. Our new virtual class takes about 3 hours. Please provide a model. Best to do legs, arms, back or chest/stomach. Large areas are easiest to learn on.

    Other classes available. Call to learn more. 321-312-6121

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  • Threading Certification Class

    Eyebrow threading originated in India thousands of years ago. In ancient Persia, what is now modern Iran, threading was considered a right-of-passage beauty treatment for girls attaining womanhood. Today threading is considered a clean and painless alternative to waxing or tweezing the eyebrows for a more shapely appearance.

    Threading gives you greater control over brow shaping than waxing and is less stressful on the skin than tweezing individual brow hairs.

    We offer an in-person class where you’ll get a threading kit with the basic supplies - We can provide models for you or you can bring your own. With this in-person course, you can be certified in as little as 2-3 hours.

    As a working brow threading tech, you can make good money and enjoy the professional satisfaction of helping clients feel good about themselves by enhancing their appearance. Even if you don’t need a cosmetologist or esthetician license in your state to work as a threading technician, training and certification will not only show you’re qualified to do the work, but you’ll have an edge in the job market over techs who do not have certification.

    Less pain

    Because the thread does not touch the skin during hair removal, threading is less painful than plucking brow hairs individually, or waxing over the brow.

    Less time

    needed to achieve results Threading involves the removal of several brow hairs at once in one clean motion. Compare that to tweezing one brow hair at a time.

    It’s safe

    For people who use topical retinoids or acne medications, threading may be a safer alternative to waxing. Unlike chemical treatments or waxing, threading is much less likely to cause skin irritation.

    A long-lasting procedure

    Threading results can last from 2-5 weeks before another appointment is necessary to maintain the brow appearance.

    It’s affordable

    Clients can enjoy stunning results for a price typically much lower than other brow treatments.

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